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Malleswara Shiva Mandir Chandrakona


Malleswara Shiva Mandir is a pancha-ratna or five dome temple located at Chandrakona in Ghatal subdivision of Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal.
The Chandrakona area was once thickly forested. The earliest rulers of the area were the Ketu dynasty, who possibly ruled up to the 16th century, when they were overthrown by the Chouhan dynasty, also known as Bhan kings. They built several temples in and around Chandrakona. The last Bhan king, Mitrasen, died childless and Raghunath Singh of Bishnupur took over the kingdom. Subsequently, Kirtichandra of Burdwan defeated him and annexed the area. He built many temples in Chandrakona. It came under the rule of British East India Company in 1760.
The Malleswar Shiva temple is one of the oldest temples in Chandrakona. It was built around the 14th century and was renovated by Maharaja Tejchandra in 1831. The temple originally stood in a fortified compound. There was a double storied gateway and a plate detailed the renovation work done by Maharaja Tejchandra. The gate is in a dilapidated condition and the plate is missing. There was a natmandir till 2017, when it was pulled down by locals with the excuse of being in a bad shape and unsafe. 

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